Monday, January 9, 2012

Update: Poppy Black

By request, here is an update on the filly. Her papers are being processed, and her name is Poppy Black. Mom actually got that idea from a reader of my side saddle blog who left a comment. Our first Choice was "Filigree" but that was taken. So Poppy Black it is, which is sort of a combo of Sensational Copy and First Black Out.

Not much news, nor many pictures. She's weaned. She lives a very mundane life doing nothing all day with her School Marm pony "Bubbles".

Mom brought Bubbles home with no real plan. I encouraged her to use her as a weaning companion since that was her previous job. She was already doing that job for our friend Catherine. I think Mom just wanted her so she could look out the window at her.

She is just about as cute as any pony can be and she sort of reminds me of something... what is it? Oh I know. One of Mom's favorite childhood books.

Childhood dream come true!