Monday, April 20, 2015

Copy Checking In

Enjoying the first sprigs of Spring grass

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The First Day of the Rest of Her Life

Today Miss Poppy Black calmly boarded a horse trailer for the first time ever and left for her new home.

Naturally, only the best home would do.  Her new owner lives in our area and has been a horse friend of ours for decades.  She owned a full sister to Poppy's dam Copy, and currently owns two other youngsters by Poppy's sire Clint.  Besides being a good friend, wonderful amateur rider, and competent trainer, she is also a trained farrier.  She used to shoe one of my Saddlebred show horses many years ago.

We believe she and Poppy will be a great team and we look forward to cheering them on in their successes in the future.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poppy Black

A recent photo of Poppy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Greener Pastures

"Walker" and Copy

A couple of months ago, some friends called and asked if my mother knew of any old horses that needed a home.  Their herd dynamic was "off" with three horses, and someone was in need of a friend. 
Mom had sold these folks a walking horse and a pony and knew it was an excellent home, so she almost immediately volunteered Copy.  Our "herd dynamic" was a bit off too, since the filly has a pony friend, and the geldings are on individual turnout.  Copy was being "neglected" if that's possible at Mom's house.

They said they would come and meet her and decide if they liked her.  Mom got on the phone with Saddlebred Rescue about the potential re-adoption, and we waited.

Not long after, they came to visit and decided that Copy was beautiful and elegant.  Since she loves men, and the "interested person" in this couple was the husband, I'm sure she turned on her charm.   The adoption was approved, and a date set.

Macaroni (the pony), Walker, Copy and the Percheron

Soon after the couple returned from a spring vacation, Copy headed out to her new digs with a care package full of peppermints, peanuts and her favorite pink grooming tools.  She is now Queen of a small herd in a beautiful 40 acre pasture.  She immediately established herself in charge and with a firm double barrel kick in the chest, relegated the ancient Percheron (former herd Boss) to third in command behind her new beau "Walker".

All is now peaceful and Copy is very happy.  Mom went to visit her last week and was shocked that Copy let her pet her head.  Copy is normally disdainful and aloof.  I told Mom this means Copy is "grateful" for her new retirement home.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Update: Poppy Black

By request, here is an update on the filly. Her papers are being processed, and her name is Poppy Black. Mom actually got that idea from a reader of my side saddle blog who left a comment. Our first Choice was "Filigree" but that was taken. So Poppy Black it is, which is sort of a combo of Sensational Copy and First Black Out.

Not much news, nor many pictures. She's weaned. She lives a very mundane life doing nothing all day with her School Marm pony "Bubbles".

Mom brought Bubbles home with no real plan. I encouraged her to use her as a weaning companion since that was her previous job. She was already doing that job for our friend Catherine. I think Mom just wanted her so she could look out the window at her.

She is just about as cute as any pony can be and she sort of reminds me of something... what is it? Oh I know. One of Mom's favorite childhood books.

Childhood dream come true!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I know I said it was over

But I thought you would enjoy these photos of Ace's little sister. She recently had her first farrier visit and behaved like a lady. She stood stock still while the loud, strange man picked up her legs and rasped away while telling a story. Mom said she asked him if "we could please finish the last foot before we finish the story?" After all, she had never actually had her front feet picked up. The back ones yes, but Mom never bothered with the front ones.

No matter. One day months ago, while I was "baby-wrangling" for Mom I accidentally knocked her down and fell on top of her and it made a permanent impression as to the superior strength of humans. Well, depending on who's telling the story, maybe the baby threw a fit and knocked me down. But the landing was the same and she has been very respectful of humans since then.

It's nice to have a baby who you can play kissy face without worrying about being bitten and stomped on. Temperment wise, she is the polar oposite of Ace. Thank Heaven! We have retired the whapper stick.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The End

I am sad to report that this is the end of Ace's blog. We received word this week that he was humanely euthanised over the weekend. For the past few weeks he had not been acting right. That morning he did not come up to be fed with the other horses, and his owner's husband found him down in the pasture and unable to get to his feet. The decision was made to have him destroyed there.

In my opinion this is for the best. A buyer had been found who was looking for a young horse as a project, but I am happy he did not have to go to yet another new place with his issues. Now I won't have to track him and worry about him for the next 20 some years.

The new filly "Sonia" is doing very well. Perhaps she will make an appearance now and then on The Grey Horse blog.