Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Greener Pastures

"Walker" and Copy

A couple of months ago, some friends called and asked if my mother knew of any old horses that needed a home.  Their herd dynamic was "off" with three horses, and someone was in need of a friend. 
Mom had sold these folks a walking horse and a pony and knew it was an excellent home, so she almost immediately volunteered Copy.  Our "herd dynamic" was a bit off too, since the filly has a pony friend, and the geldings are on individual turnout.  Copy was being "neglected" if that's possible at Mom's house.

They said they would come and meet her and decide if they liked her.  Mom got on the phone with Saddlebred Rescue about the potential re-adoption, and we waited.

Not long after, they came to visit and decided that Copy was beautiful and elegant.  Since she loves men, and the "interested person" in this couple was the husband, I'm sure she turned on her charm.   The adoption was approved, and a date set.

Macaroni (the pony), Walker, Copy and the Percheron

Soon after the couple returned from a spring vacation, Copy headed out to her new digs with a care package full of peppermints, peanuts and her favorite pink grooming tools.  She is now Queen of a small herd in a beautiful 40 acre pasture.  She immediately established herself in charge and with a firm double barrel kick in the chest, relegated the ancient Percheron (former herd Boss) to third in command behind her new beau "Walker".

All is now peaceful and Copy is very happy.  Mom went to visit her last week and was shocked that Copy let her pet her head.  Copy is normally disdainful and aloof.  I told Mom this means Copy is "grateful" for her new retirement home.