Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not so little anymore... two months

Here is Ace's 2 month old photo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Little Brat!

I have a nice purple, hoof shaped bruise on my thigh from a Baby Tantrum. Ace decided to create the rear~strike~kick~buck for when he is really upset. It takes about 2 seconds, and ends with him cowkicking while in mid-air. The first time he tried it he connected. I tanned his fanny for him with the lead rope. The second time he tried it (about 10 minutes later) I was well clear. I put him flat on the ground then gave him a lecture. He was willing to be a little better behaved at that point. Pretty soon he is going to be too big for those kinds of shenanigans!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pulling my hair out over this...

I think I have figured out why people put off registering their foals. Pulling hair for a DNA test is a pain in the neck! Poor little Acey. He did not like having his soft baby hair pulled. I did it in three separate times over two days. Then I gave him hugs and kisses. Even my fingers hurt. You see, the DNA of a new foal is not yet set inthe blood, and you can get inconclusive results. Therefore, you need to send in hair samples. The test asks for 20-30 hairs from the tail, with roots attached. Ace's tail is so thick and soft. And WELL attached!

Then you have to gather all the hair you managed to pull, make sure the roots are there, and make sure you have enough. Then you have to get the lock taped down neatly and into the envelope. What a hassle. But it's done, and on it's way to UC Davis.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Trim

Today Ace got his first visit from the farrier. Mom told Kim that we had been training him for the farrier, and Kim said that meant he wouldn't be because "Babies always make a liar out of you." But he was very good. No pictures again, because obviously, I was holding Baby!

Friday, May 15, 2009

First Haircut

Acey got his first haircut last night. I was at my Mom's house after work for my sister's birthday party. I really wanted to lead Copy out for grass, but didn't have any help, so I busied myself grooming her. She is fat and slick as a seal. She also deperately needed a haircut, and since I had the clippers out I clipped an inch long "bridle path" on Ace, who couldn't have cared less. He also let me rub the clippers on his ears, but didn't want to stick around very long for that. After we got all slicked up, I turned them out so Ace could run off some steam, then got some lead ropes and promised Copy we would try eating some grass. I concentrated on handling Ace, who was excited to go out in the big world, and Copy tagged along on a long rope. She was all about eating the grass, so all I had to do was keep the rope in my hand (or under my foot as the case may be) while I managed Ace.
He soon got bored and started doing loop-de-doops around me. Every time he crossed Copy's rope, I tried to lift it up so he would go under, but he would reach up, grab it in his mouth and try to take off with it. Then he decided to push me around a little, and I had just run out of patience when my husband finally arrived to bail me out. He took Copy so she could wander further, and Ace suddenly settled down to graze. He hates to be told "No" and would reach down and take out his frustrations on the grass, or stomp his front hoof in anger. It's good for him to learn to be outside in the bugs and stuff. He already stands quietly to be sprayed with fly spray, but those darn flies are always tickling his little baby nose.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dandy Lion Days

Ace is your typical toddler. You can do anything with him when he's napping, or just after a nap. When he needs a nap, he's a brat. At his age, he's very busy. And when he isn't busy, he's napping. He's very easy to work around when he's sleepy. It's a great time to put the halter on.

Oh... you want me to get UP now?

Mom picks grass for Copy and Ace each day. She keeps it in a cooler in the barn for distribution. Talk about spoiled!

Today, she also pulled a big dandelion out of her garden and gave it to Ace as a toy.

Want some?

Every picture I took today he had his tail straight up in the air! Just look at this natural tail carriage!

Yes, every picture!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Patience... the best medicine

Ace is a very manageable, well behaved little guy. Today he got his first dose of worm medicine per vet instructions. The schedule is 6 weeks, then again in 30 days, then again in 30 days with the usual ingredient rotation. He gets such a small dose, I wouldn't be suprised if he didn't notice it all. He came in from being out all day, and laid flat out for a nap. Mom went in and held him down a little, and I skooshed the little dose of wormer in the side of his mouth. He looked up a bit, and then put his head back down to continue his nap. A little later on, he noticed he had something gooey in his cheek, but didn't seem to mind much.

After his nap, we practiced farrier work. His hooves are growing, and will need a trim when the farrier is here next. I'm no farrier, my responsibility is to train him for the farrier. So, I got the hoof knife and the tickley old rasp and took a little edge off the toes of all four while Mom held him by his halter. He has already gotten to the point where he will have the next leg ready for me, just like Momma. He didn't seem to notice the rasping at all.

Ace loves his ball. Actually, it's Grey's ball, but we all take turns and share. He is so hard to catch in mid-air. This activity deserves a video clip, but it was too dark inside. Anyway, I couldn't really tell what I got until I got home and blew up the photos. He has some moves that would rival Beckham...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Name Pending

I sent in Ace's registration application today, and await the DNA kit which will involve pulling some tail hairs. I'm sure he will enjoy that.

I'm afraid our little Acey has gone through another growth spurt, and has finally passed that "Awwww isn't he cute" stage, and has landed firmly in the "when is he going to outgrow this" stage. I haven't been to the barn for four days, and he is noticeably larger and plainer. He sure can put his head up, but he also spends a lot of time rambling around at a flat gallop, and the rest of the time trying to express his opinion.

We went through our usual routine of leading and picking up feet. He knows when he is caught and submits willingly, but he did not want to do what I wanted to do today. He really wanted to bite, but knew better, so spent a lot of time snapping randomly at the tail end of the lead rope. He stood "tied" to the telephone pole without complaint, and went for a walk around the drive without Mom.

He really does handle pretty well compared to some we've had, and seems still convinced that I can pick him up and drop him if I really want to. I spoke to our vet/dentist the other night when she called with my gelding's blood test, and she said she and her helper were still talking about how well I held him in the stall while Copy was having her teeth floated. I said that was gratifying to hear, since I still have the bruises.