Sunday, October 2, 2011

I know I said it was over

But I thought you would enjoy these photos of Ace's little sister. She recently had her first farrier visit and behaved like a lady. She stood stock still while the loud, strange man picked up her legs and rasped away while telling a story. Mom said she asked him if "we could please finish the last foot before we finish the story?" After all, she had never actually had her front feet picked up. The back ones yes, but Mom never bothered with the front ones.

No matter. One day months ago, while I was "baby-wrangling" for Mom I accidentally knocked her down and fell on top of her and it made a permanent impression as to the superior strength of humans. Well, depending on who's telling the story, maybe the baby threw a fit and knocked me down. But the landing was the same and she has been very respectful of humans since then.

It's nice to have a baby who you can play kissy face without worrying about being bitten and stomped on. Temperment wise, she is the polar oposite of Ace. Thank Heaven! We have retired the whapper stick.


Catherine said...

She looks so much like Ace, thanks for sharing!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

She's very pretty!

Jason said...

I understand why the whapper stick got retired but it made Melissa and I laugh out loud and want one ourselves at the same time ! :)

Bif said...

"want one ourselves" ~ a foal, or a whapper stick??

She looks so lovely. Glad her good temperament is glowing through.

Leah said...

she is a spittin' image of Ace! Sounds like she's going to be a really nice filly for you, looking forward to seeing more pictures of her.

PaulaJane said...

How's the little girl?
Please post more updates and pictures too, you must have tons of them :) ... oh and the grey horse as well!
I love the day to day pictures of the horses, the barn and surrounds.