Thursday, July 9, 2009


Acey's registration certificate came in the mail this week. It's Beeea-U-teefull! ASHA was kind enough to redesign their paperwork just in time so I could have a fancy new style certificate.

Unfolded it is a whole 11x17 sheet! I'm considering framing it... it's the first time I have ever had my name on the papers as breeder. In fact, it's only the third set of Saddlebred papers I've had my name on at all. We have had many Saddlebreds in and out of here, but the only ones I've actually owned were my first Saddlebred "Oliver", and Ace's Mom.

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Leah said...

ooh that looks nice! And I love that Copy has a relative with a name of a tomato! So fitting for you!