Sunday, May 2, 2010

Child Prodigy

I would tell you that I taught Ace to longe this weekend, but in actuality, there was no teaching involved. What I did was put the longe line on him and begin to longe him. Both ways, at a walk and a trot. No problems. Ace grabbed the longe line, went to the end of it and began circling like a pro. Within 5 seconds he had judged this new activity as being far more palatable than walking shoulder to shoulder with a human.

The only awkward moment was the first time I told him "whoa" and he refused. Since I had him on the line, I just realed him in. The fact that he was being drawn in by some unseen gravitational force caused him some frustrations, but he finally submitted.

As payback for my new found unseen gravitational force, Ace decided I was not allowed to approach him from the right, which is our oldest argument. But I persist... So he tries to bite. Same old same old.

Sometimes it takes awhile, but eventually he will stand quietly without biting. He feels a lot less smart about himself being on a line, so no snorting or showing off. Just boring work. **sigh**


Megan said...

Good lord, he's a monsterbeast!! How tall is he now?? And handsome, too.

Serena said...

That is what i was gonna say! He. Is. HUGE.

JJ said...

He is such a handome guy!!

Jason said...

I'm 100% sure Ace is a prodigy AND I'm equally sure by what I read here that he KNOWS it !

Your blog very much reminds me of Melissa's frustrations with her two young ones...most especially Bonnie, when they were that age !

Hope ya'll are having a great day today !