Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Foaling Kit

  • I have been studying various sources for ideas about what I need for a foaling kit. Here is what I have so far:

    Gauze bandages for tails
  • Total Foal Care Paste for newborns
  • Towels
  • Working flashlight
  • Thermometer- (and Vaseline)
  • Baling twine for tying up placenta
  • Plastic pail with lid for placenta
  • Baby bottle
  • Plastic measuring cup for milking into and then put milk in bottle
  • Iodine
  • Container to dip the umbilical in
    Sheet cotton or cotton wool
  • Another plastic pail for warm water
    Gloves- regular latex and long plastic palpation sleeves
  • Enemas-Make sure the 2nd enema is mineral oil and water, not another greenbox/chemical one.
  • Probiotic paste and biosponge paste
  • Ivermectin dewormer for mare
  • Various syringes and needles
  • Banamine paste and injectable.
  • Oxytocin
  • Scissors
  • Packed into a plastic box which sits outside mares stall
  • Watch or clock to note when water breaks and when baby is born !!
  • Camera
  • Cell Phone with vets numbers
  • Trailer hooked up and ready to roll in an emergency
  • Foal Blanket
  • Foal Halter

    I have read about half of Blessed are the Broodmares to brush up on my foaling knowledge.


Julie said...

We have many of our foal births on video tape. Being there during the birth is such a blessing...I cannot describe it! We had a camera hooked up above the foaling stall and I slept on the sofa bed for a month so I could watch the monitor ...I would wake up every hour on the hour and be so excited I was never tired!

Anyway - the only thing I would add to your list would be iodine in a spray bottle. A lot of times the umbilical cord is so short, you will not be able to get it into a bucket. It is a lot easier to spray it too. Also - please remember that a mares personalty can change drasticly after giving birth!! We had one very docile mare that was so protective, we LITERALY threw her feed into the stall and sprayed the water from outside the stall as well. This went on for 5 days before she allowed us to touch her foal. Can't wait to hear about your adventure.
one more thing..we had a mare who carried over a year once!

SmartAlex said...

A YEAR! Uggghhhh. Oh the suspense.
The spray bottle sounds like an excellent idea.
I already checked with the previous owner to see what the mare's personality will be like. All of our other mares have been excellent. This one will probably be a little more protecive, but then the last one she was a maiden so everything was new to her. I think normal percautions will be sufficient, and we won't need a muzzle or anything!

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