Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Grooming

I'm really getting the hang of this vaccum thing. After two treatments, Copy has her pre-shedding sheen back. This time when I got the Dirt Devil out, she looked over at me with a "You obviously have me confuse with your car floor" expression, but again, stood casually with one leg resting through it all. I went over everywhere with the rubber curry, then the vac, stiff brush on legs and tail, soft brush, and then a good wisking with a big terry cloth towel. I had purposely gone to get new bags for the vac since it was a freebee and didn't come with a supply. I was impressed with both the suction power and the amount of dander I got out with a fresh bag.

One thing I have begun to wonder... how am I going to continue our grooming routine with a little one running about? Obviously, the cross ties are out of the question, and all three of us won't fit in a box stall. I guess I will have to start tying her to the wall of the arena. Even that won't solve the problem of things with cords, but hopefully the worst of the shedding will be past by that time, and I can handle it with good old fashioned elbow grease.

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