Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 days and counting

Ace was such a brat on Saturday that I decided to limit him to things I knew he could do without driving me to drink. Up until Tuesday, I thought that included longeing. It doesn't. Tuesday when I longed him, he grabbed the line and ran around like a maniac, and you could just see his little brain trying to figure out how to wrap me up in it and spin me like a top. But, he was still very good in cross ties. So, today I decided to put him on cross ties and groom him a little... just to give him a chance to behave and earn a treat.
As usual, through his stall door he was calm and sweet and let me pet his forehead and muzzle and fuss over him. But we all know this is just a ploy to get me in the stall so he can have his way with me. But today, when I went in for him, my mother had just handed him a giant foot long dandelion plant she had pulled out of her garden, and his whole head was full of dandelion. I easily threaded the chain through his halter while he rolled his eyes and munched, completely preoccupied. It was amazing! No shadow boxing. **Note to self: arm yourself with giant wads of foot long dandelion leaves. ** Then he plodded quietly down the aisle on a loose lead ...still munching.

He stood fine on the cross ties, diddling with the ropes while I groomed him, washed under his tail, and sprayed him with fly repellant. He loves his grooming time, and when I go into the tack room to get a mint, he is all attention, waiting expectantly for his goody. He always takes it respectfully, so pleased with his reward. And today I am pleased with him. I have loads of respect for anyone who can raise a stallion to be a well behaved adult.... This is probably why so many stallions end up isolated and locked up in a stall. I can say I feel a whole lot better about him today than I did on Tuesday. Little Monster.


Apples said...

He might be a brat sometimes (just like any male!) but dang, is he ever gorgeous! What a pretty boy!

Kaede said...

Try chickory. My horse loves chickory.

Bif said...

Well, that's why some of us get 6 year olds (freshly cut, but met him beforehand while still intact), conveniently raised by a bachelor herd, with manners forcibly instilled by other horses.

I just put my mental ears back and stomp my foot, and he straightens right up!

Bif said...

tick tock tick tock tick tock

Leah said...

I agree with Apples! He is looking less and less like a little baby and more and more like a big fancy show horse! Good luck! I hope it brings a sharp change in "attitude!"