Monday, June 21, 2010

Save the Date

Ace has a date with Destiny on July 13th. Yes, lucky 13! First off, I'm not too superstitious, but the week before presented some scheduling issues, and I'd rather not wait until later in July. I just look at it this way... at least I won't have to travel on the 13th, and that's what makes me most nervous. Not 10 years ago, I could pack up 2 horses and drive 8 hours through traffic in three very busy cities, arriving at our destination at 2am and not think much of it. Since then, I've read way too many horror stories on the internet which make me a nervous horse hauler.

Besides hauling him 3 hours one way, the second thing that worries me is that they won't find the retained testicle. The vet asked if it was inguinal or abdominal, and my best guess is that it's abdominal. In those cases, he says they make an abdominal incision, start the clock, and if they don't find it before time runs out, they close him up. Dear Lord, please don't put us through this and then leave it in there!

And thirdly... I will be totally broke for the rest of the summer!


Bif said...

Here's hoping for two good hauls and two easy extraction!

Poor little Ace.. he'll be so much happier, he just doesn't realize ;-)

SmartAlex said...

He won't be anywhere near as happy as I am. He's gotten so much crankier and combative this week that I am suffering "Breeder's Remorse". I just want those suckers outta there. Heck, I'm ready to hook up and leave now.