Friday, July 30, 2010


I didn't even get enough notice to be nervous for him!
Email just now from Mom:

Hi Brita,

Today Acey is operated on. He rode well. Got there about 6 last night. Had to fast him partially from yesterday mid-day, then he wanted his bedding at Cornell. They put a "pail with holes in it" muzzle on him. He used the waterer that needed to be pressed on, fill his bucket and drank his water to everyone's entertainment.


Can you imagine?!? I can just picture Ace: "Downside, I can't eat. Upside, I have a traveling water source." He drinks constantly so this would be an intriguing concept to him. And he mastered the automatic waterer right off the bat. I always knew he was a prodigy!

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Jason said...

That's funny ! I can picture him drinking fit to bust enroute to Cornell !

Melissa and I have you in our thoughts today. It'll be right, whatever the outcome.