Thursday, July 22, 2010

So I guess I owe you guys an update.

Copy is in foal. Or at least she was on Monday. You see, on Saturday Mom hauled her to our farm vet's office, to save a farm call fee. He palpated her (he had the ultrasound machine right there beside him) and said "nope, not in foal, we won't bother with the ultrasound (whoops)". So on Sunday, Mom hauled her out to Stallion Services in Ohio for a culture, checkup yadayada in preparation for her next cycle which ought to be right around the corner. Monday morning, with due diligence, SS ultrasounded her, and not long after I got a phone call at work from Ace's owner... "can't find your mother, but tell her to go get the mare, she's already in foal."

This was like a game of telegraph. Robin from SS couldn't find Mom (no cell) so she called the stallion owner, who called Ace's owner, who called me at work... so at that point I was wondering if Mom and Stepdad had even made it back from Ohio the night before since their answering machine was off and they hadn't called when they got home... See what fun this breeding thing can be?

Back to the mare. So, SS immediately puts Regumate in her mouth (she'd missed Sunday since she was supposedly open), performed a caslick and packed her overnight bag. Mom went back and got her on Tuesday (after calling Vet#1 with the "lesson learned" news). Good news is that no one charged her for anything at either office, so she's only out the gas money. And two days driving. But Mom liked Stallion Services so well, she thought it was worth the trip. They are a very class act and she learned alot.

And Acey is much loved and appreciated. He has an appointment in a couple of weeks at Cornell. And while we haven't been out to visit, his owner assures us he's "just as beautiful as ever". She's raving about the cross and I think I may be more critical about what I made than she is, because thinks he's Louisville quality. That would be great if he got the training to have a chance at that level, and we would love to come and cheer for that! She's very excited about the other upcoming foal. Mom is just hoping that the trip to Ohio and back, and the day off of Regumate didn't cause her to slip that, but last time she was in and out and hauled around during the breeding process, so I'm not too worried about it.

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Kaede said...

Oh, good! Congratulations!