Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Plan of Attack

Mom says that Ace's owner called her this morning before Mom was even out of bed and seems very positive about tackling this. They talked for quite awhile until Ace (who was tuned out in the rain) came to the window and whinnied for Siri to come and put him in the barn. Like my mother says "a brilliant mind in a fragile psyche."

Fortunately our vet has some familiarity with this and agrees that the horses get an endorphine high from it and that because of that it quickly becomes a pattern that is hard to break. Without having had him scoped we are all assuming he has ulcers. Cornell wanted to scope him, but Siri said just go ahead and treat him because no doubt he has them, so he was started on that already and will continue. Hopefully he can come off the expensive stuff and maintain on aloe vera juice instead. He is also starting on Vitamin B-1 which I had also heard was effective as a calming agent, so I am reassured that Dr. Tim's thoughts are parallel to my findings.

So we'll see. It is actually comforting to think that he's just a little crazy because we, as horse people "get" that don't we? I'm glad the exploratory surgery wasn't done looking for an intestinal cause of the colic as that would have caused even more stress. If ulcer pain caused the colic symptoms and the daily discomfort is also triggering the episodes we have hope because ulcers are treatable.

I'll keep you all posted.