Monday, October 25, 2010

Any Updates?

No news is good news.

I haven't spoken to Ace's camp for a couple of weeks now. They were trying the ulcer treatment and a calming supplement. The farrier was here last week, and he said he'd been there and the colt looked good, and all seemed peaceful. We're hoping the ulcer treatment eliminates any pain trigger he had, and tweaking his routine will be enough to take care of some of the behavioral issues. Also, his testosterone levels should finally be dropping (it's been about two months) and that should help as well.


Kaede said...

How is Copy?

SmartAlex said...

Quite pregnant. In love with one of the geldings. Cranky as usual.

Kaede said...

Can we start getting updates about Copy? I loved following Copy's story when she was pregnant with Ace. You write so well, I felt as though I was with you.