Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All Tied Up!

Time has come for Acey to learn something new about the world and his place in it. He is sure he is the most important thing. Anytime you come to a door or gate, you are met with a wide open mouth. It isn't that he is trying to attack people, he just needs something in his mouth right away. It doesn't matter if it is a bucket, or a rope, maybe your sleeve (with or without flesh) but he has to have it in his mouth. You can't even resort to smacking him because he moves like lightening. He desperately needs to be taken down a peg or two.

So today we had a tying lesson. He has already leaned to give to pressure and is old enough to understand so I went to the wall of the indoor arena and wrapped the rope around a 6x6. He was immediately pleased that the rope was now at eye level so he could chew on it better. But soon his impatience grew. Copy was wandering around the arena happy to be free of the little rugrat. I took up some line as he squirmed from one side to the other. Finally he decided a tantrum was in order and pulled back. This is where those lessons early in life come in handy. He is not used to being able to get away, and has not yet discovered that he may truly be the strongest force in the vicinity even when he is.
I only had the rope wrapped, so it let out enough to cushion the blow as he pulled. When he realized the rope would hold, he launched himself at the wall. Five feet of hardwood was unfazed by the attack. He tried it once more then decided he was tied. He looked back over his shoulder pitifully "where is my M-ah-mmy? I need her." Copy came over to check things out and tell him not to do that, then left again.

"Uh, Mom?"



After that he tied quietly with only a little wiggling. Lesson learned. For now...


Anonymous said...

Ace is a very nice looking baby, and apparently very cheeky to boot! I love reading about his experiences.

Anonymous said...

He gets cuter by the minute. Love the captions. Tracy