Monday, June 22, 2009

Your True Colors Are Shining Through

Yes, Ace is truely Bay. Dark bay, but with red highlights.

And where he is shedding out along his back, he has a wide black dorsal mark.

Ace is absolutely covered in whorls. He has them on both cheeks (just like Mama) which the Bedouins say predict debt and ruin. Besides that, he has a perfect wheatear on his neck. That one foretells misfortune. But in the meantime, it is really very pretty. He has the finest hair coat I've ever seen. He gets that from both his sire and dam.


Anonymous said...

Well then aren't we glad he's not an Arabian. As saddlebred lovers, we'll make up our own myths, and say that these are the fingerprints of God, when he blessed him.

Leah said...

he is so cute! Does he classify as dun with that dorsal stripe? I'm not sure if duns can be bay. . . I'm no color expert.

SmartAlex said...

No dun modifier has ever been proven in Saddlebreds. This dorsal is part of "counter shading". His chestnut mother also has quite a pronounced dorsal stripe.