Monday, November 16, 2009

Talky Talky

One thing I've never mentioned about Ace, is that since he was a few days old, my mother encouraged him to talk. When she comes to the barn, everyone whinnies (mostly demanding food). Of course, Ace wasn't aware of this protocol, so from day one, she would say in a high pitched "baby whinny" voice... "Acey... Hi Acey..." until he answered too. It was very cute to hear that little "weeeheeeheee" coming from the depths of the stall. If it were dark, and Ace and Copy were out, and she wanted to check on their whereabouts, she could call out "Acey... Hi Acey..." and he would answer no matter where he was.

He has continued to be a talker. Today, when I went to the barn, he hadn't noticed my car pull in. He was eating hay with his back to me. So, I called out "Acey... Hi Acey..." and he turned to look, and gave me a big "hello" whinny. "How are you?" I asked? Ace whinnied one short whinny back, "fine, and you?" and returned to his eating. It's nice to have a horse talk to you when you know they're saying something other than "where the heck have you been? Feed me NOW or I swear I'll knock this door/gate down."

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Kaede said...

A few evenings ago, we had an Apache attack helicopter do a practice run over the stable. the helicopter came in low and shook the stable. All the horses started "chatting" to each other, "You still there? You OK?, Did you survive?" nickers going up and down the barn aisle. Evidently the stable has been marked to look like a Afghanistan and every few weeks a practice run goes over head and the pilots take a site on the stable or the ring and come in low, pause and take off again. It's really noisy.