Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trailer Training

The horse trailer happened to be hooked up today, so Ace practiced loading and unloading. He is so brave! He walked right on when asked, and we looked it all over.

We practiced loading and unloading, and pretty soon he was loading ME! He said it was the best game I've come up with so far.

I had Mom and my Step Dad shut the back up and we stood inside and looked out the windows. I tied him but didn't leave him yet. We took a good look at the ramp.

It was a blustery day, and he was very fresh. I didn't have a chain on him since we were practicing the trailer, so it was NOT a good day to try to go for a walk!


BritnieAnn said...

What a good baby!! Glad it was a good experience, btw, NICE trailer!

SmartAlex said...

Mom foots the bill on the trailer and let me tell you, we love her for it! Ezpecially since she doesn't use it that much. We traded in a slant load which I HATED because it had a fixed storage on the back making it a single entry door.

This one is great. It's custom Xtra High, Xtra Wide, Xtra deep for the big Saddle-birds. I can remove the posts and partitions myself in under 5 minutes. The only shortcoming it has, is because of the terrific heavy duty latches on ALL the doors, there is no way to let yourself out of the escape door from inside. If you're shut in there... you're shut in there.