Sunday, March 29, 2009

Days Three and Four

Over the weekend, we were able to get Ace and Copy out into the small indoor arena for exercise each day. He was very bold and inquisitive. He has proven to be right handed as he will run only right handed circles. He likes to come up to people and visit. When he gets tired and needs a break, he will find the nearest person and talk to them in little nickers and snorts.

Copy spends most of her time watching the open doors for marauders. I put a lead on her and walked her so she would get some exercise herself. Mostly she wanted to stand in the center and keep an eye on her colt which meant we had to spin in a circle. She got going very fast and once she got so far ahead of me I had to let go and catch her as she came around! After that experience, we went to the wall and walked while Ace rocketed around on the inside of our circle.

He got going so fast that he banked too sharply and wrecked. Luckily, the footing is soft sand and the only thing bruised was his ego. On each outing he was required to wear his halter even though we are not trying to lead him yet. He doesn't like that at all. I was able to get it on him easy enough, but there was no way he would let me adjust it. I got it to fit him better the second time. Until he learns the routine, I am just guiding him the 20 feet from his stall the the arena and it is working out well.

He is gaining strength everyday and unfolding into a strong correct little guy. He has his sire's head and just the right amount of white in his eye to show off when he gets fired up. Apart from being friendly on his own terms, he wants no part of being held or made to do anything. He does like his chest scratched and he will stretch his neck upright and flex at the throat in a perfect baby show horse headset.

I shot a lot of video on Saturday and have been working with my camera and computer to get some video posted but haven't gotten it accomplished yet. I promise I will take some still photos of him and get those posted soon.

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