Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleep Deprivation?

I think I've figured out why Copy is so cranky... she is sleep deprived! When I read this article on thehorse .com this morning, I thought "What will they think of next?"
A quote from the article "Sleep deprivation occurs in horses and might be evident as excessive sleepiness during the daytime or collapsing episodes unrelated to narcolepsy or cataplexy (excessive sleepiness with sudden loss of muscle tone triggered by strong emotions). "

Mom told me that she watched Copy dozing in the sunshine the other day. Her knees kept buckling, and her head drooped within about 6 inches of the ground. Mom said she thought their joints locked when they dozed, but even in the crossties lately, I've noticed her poor ole knees buckling a bit as she deals with her ever expanding midsection.
The rearrangement of her bedding also speaks to the fact that she is finding it increasingly difficult to lay down and get a good night's sleep. Obviously her sleep habits are being disrupted, and with an infant on the way, I don't see her getting much restful sleep any time soon. Motherhood interfere's with your personal life, no matter what species you are.

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