Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Later that evening

Copy is so nonchalant about all this. Yes, she is very waxed and her vulva is very relaxed and it looks like we're ready to go. The only difference in her behavior is Mom said she wanted to be back in her stall this morning, and she is nickering at all the other horses. On my lunch hour, I took her for a walk and we looked for some grass to pick, then she wanted to jog back to the barn. She doesn't seem crampy or anything. I've been watching for that since her previous owner, Kerry, said last time she had colicky symptoms for a couple of days prior to delivery. She's bright and happy, stood patiently for her grooming and asked for her carrots. I cleaned her up and dusted her off (again) and braided the switch of her tail so I can wrap it up later tonight. When I left she was learning to snap it like a lash whip.
Mom just emailed me to say Copy is very grumpy. She got confused when Mom walked her and called several times after returning to her stall. Her foal is very active. I am off to the barn. I hope this baby doesn't take until morning... but you never know!

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Leah said...

Oh I'm so excited for you! I hope you get video and/or photos! Do horses have a cervix that dilates like humans, lol? I know, silly question, but I have no idea and it's a nice indication of labor/readiness!