Monday, May 4, 2009

Name Pending

I sent in Ace's registration application today, and await the DNA kit which will involve pulling some tail hairs. I'm sure he will enjoy that.

I'm afraid our little Acey has gone through another growth spurt, and has finally passed that "Awwww isn't he cute" stage, and has landed firmly in the "when is he going to outgrow this" stage. I haven't been to the barn for four days, and he is noticeably larger and plainer. He sure can put his head up, but he also spends a lot of time rambling around at a flat gallop, and the rest of the time trying to express his opinion.

We went through our usual routine of leading and picking up feet. He knows when he is caught and submits willingly, but he did not want to do what I wanted to do today. He really wanted to bite, but knew better, so spent a lot of time snapping randomly at the tail end of the lead rope. He stood "tied" to the telephone pole without complaint, and went for a walk around the drive without Mom.

He really does handle pretty well compared to some we've had, and seems still convinced that I can pick him up and drop him if I really want to. I spoke to our vet/dentist the other night when she called with my gelding's blood test, and she said she and her helper were still talking about how well I held him in the stall while Copy was having her teeth floated. I said that was gratifying to hear, since I still have the bruises.

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