Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Patience... the best medicine

Ace is a very manageable, well behaved little guy. Today he got his first dose of worm medicine per vet instructions. The schedule is 6 weeks, then again in 30 days, then again in 30 days with the usual ingredient rotation. He gets such a small dose, I wouldn't be suprised if he didn't notice it all. He came in from being out all day, and laid flat out for a nap. Mom went in and held him down a little, and I skooshed the little dose of wormer in the side of his mouth. He looked up a bit, and then put his head back down to continue his nap. A little later on, he noticed he had something gooey in his cheek, but didn't seem to mind much.

After his nap, we practiced farrier work. His hooves are growing, and will need a trim when the farrier is here next. I'm no farrier, my responsibility is to train him for the farrier. So, I got the hoof knife and the tickley old rasp and took a little edge off the toes of all four while Mom held him by his halter. He has already gotten to the point where he will have the next leg ready for me, just like Momma. He didn't seem to notice the rasping at all.

Ace loves his ball. Actually, it's Grey's ball, but we all take turns and share. He is so hard to catch in mid-air. This activity deserves a video clip, but it was too dark inside. Anyway, I couldn't really tell what I got until I got home and blew up the photos. He has some moves that would rival Beckham...

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