Friday, May 8, 2009

Dandy Lion Days

Ace is your typical toddler. You can do anything with him when he's napping, or just after a nap. When he needs a nap, he's a brat. At his age, he's very busy. And when he isn't busy, he's napping. He's very easy to work around when he's sleepy. It's a great time to put the halter on.

Oh... you want me to get UP now?

Mom picks grass for Copy and Ace each day. She keeps it in a cooler in the barn for distribution. Talk about spoiled!

Today, she also pulled a big dandelion out of her garden and gave it to Ace as a toy.

Want some?

Every picture I took today he had his tail straight up in the air! Just look at this natural tail carriage!

Yes, every picture!


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