Friday, May 15, 2009

First Haircut

Acey got his first haircut last night. I was at my Mom's house after work for my sister's birthday party. I really wanted to lead Copy out for grass, but didn't have any help, so I busied myself grooming her. She is fat and slick as a seal. She also deperately needed a haircut, and since I had the clippers out I clipped an inch long "bridle path" on Ace, who couldn't have cared less. He also let me rub the clippers on his ears, but didn't want to stick around very long for that. After we got all slicked up, I turned them out so Ace could run off some steam, then got some lead ropes and promised Copy we would try eating some grass. I concentrated on handling Ace, who was excited to go out in the big world, and Copy tagged along on a long rope. She was all about eating the grass, so all I had to do was keep the rope in my hand (or under my foot as the case may be) while I managed Ace.
He soon got bored and started doing loop-de-doops around me. Every time he crossed Copy's rope, I tried to lift it up so he would go under, but he would reach up, grab it in his mouth and try to take off with it. Then he decided to push me around a little, and I had just run out of patience when my husband finally arrived to bail me out. He took Copy so she could wander further, and Ace suddenly settled down to graze. He hates to be told "No" and would reach down and take out his frustrations on the grass, or stomp his front hoof in anger. It's good for him to learn to be outside in the bugs and stuff. He already stands quietly to be sprayed with fly spray, but those darn flies are always tickling his little baby nose.

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