Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pulling my hair out over this...

I think I have figured out why people put off registering their foals. Pulling hair for a DNA test is a pain in the neck! Poor little Acey. He did not like having his soft baby hair pulled. I did it in three separate times over two days. Then I gave him hugs and kisses. Even my fingers hurt. You see, the DNA of a new foal is not yet set inthe blood, and you can get inconclusive results. Therefore, you need to send in hair samples. The test asks for 20-30 hairs from the tail, with roots attached. Ace's tail is so thick and soft. And WELL attached!

Then you have to gather all the hair you managed to pull, make sure the roots are there, and make sure you have enough. Then you have to get the lock taped down neatly and into the envelope. What a hassle. But it's done, and on it's way to UC Davis.

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Ash said...

I remember when my aunt pulled the hair from our one filly - poor girl wouldn't let my aunt back near her tail for a week!