Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ace has reached the age where he really needs a little brother to play horse with. He would love to wrestle with me, and quite frankly, at his size, it's tempting. It's also very cute when he grabs my shirt and tugs, and it's hard to reply to any of his attempts to engage the human species in his idea of fun with a "No" and a finger flick. But, I'm very aware of how fast he's growing and how un-fun it would get to be in a few weeks. So we play a little tag and he has some toys and that's it.

He really has the routine down. He is full of mischief, but he halters and leads like a grown up, only wrestles a little over picking up feet, and is friendly and easy to catch. And oh so CUTE. I like to take his little face in my hands and smooch his nose, and he looks up at the sky or ceiling all dreamy like as if he is just so smitten with his own cuteness. Then he goes back to trying to chew Copy's ear off, or pulling her mane. She is such a good Mommy, but I can tell she keep an eye open for when I have him distracted long enough that she can get in a good roll without being trampled.

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