Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Attitude is Everything

Someone is getting a bit of an attitude. Bitey bitey... And when you hold his jaw up to stop him from trying to bite, he strikes. Boys!
He is getting very good about leading and picking up feet, although he showed a little temper today and stomped after I won a short wrestling match. When we lead, I can pretty much guide him with a hand on his shoulders pressing one side or another to steer him instead of getting into a tug of war with the rope. But, if he gets fed up, your hand on his shoulder is all the excuse he needs to launch into a bucking bronc episode. This one is going to be fun to ride....
Since you can't swat a baby when they're bad, I just flick him in the neck with my finger. He has gotten wise enough to notice when I'm aiming to flick and straightens right up. Pretty smart - but still awfully naughty.
Copy is coming out of foal heat. We aren't planning to breed her again this year, but I have an idea for next year. We'll see how I feel about that after a few more months of babyhood.

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