Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring has sprung

The grass in the yard has finally started growing, and I had Mom lead Copy to graze while I spent some training time with Ace. Getting ready to go out, we put on everyone's fly masks and got a spritz of fly repellent. Because Ace was wearing his baby fly mask (which is just the cutest thing ever) he didn't seem to notice the sray bottle, and he got spritzed on both sides without even noticing.

He leads like a champ. We took some excursions down the driveway. Copy seemed to say "Good, Brita has the baby, I'm on break" and concentrated on mowing away as much fresh grass as possible. He knows when he is "captured" and doesn't put up a fuss. I even tried wrapping the lead around some things to "tie" him. The hitching rail is too high, and he simply walked under. The telephone pole became his new buddy and rubbing spot.

Here are some pictures of the pipe corral my step dad errected just outside the arena door. Mom can move Copy and Ace easily from their stall to the arena and then to the pipe corral by herself each morning so they can get some sun. When I am there, we can graze
Copy or turn Ace loose in the paddock to really stretch his legs. They get outside twice a day. Soon, we will have everyone juggled around so they can have the back paddock with a run in shed to themselves.

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Catherine said...

Love the photos, he's growing so fast! Nice to see them out in the good weather