Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Foot, Two Foot...

Today we had visitors during my barn time. The only acceptable constructive thing you can get done with visitors at the barn is Baby Wrangling. So I worked on leading and picking up feet. I can get most of everything done with just my arm around his neck, which I prefer to having him possibly dancing around on the end of a rope anyway. Everything went smoothly until I got to the last foot, a hind one. He promptly threw a fit and crashed. I caught him as he got up, so he never got out of my grasp, and I managed to maintain the all important illusion of power for yet another day. I still feel bad when he falls down. He looks so crest fallen. I am more worn out after 10 minutes of trying to keep up with Ace than I am after 30 minutes at the gym or an hour of pilates! The good news is that I finally got the figure 8 foal halter adjusted to my satisfaction.
He sure is filling out.

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