Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Baby Wrangling

No pictures today. I've had my hands full. The horse dentist came today to do everyone, which included Copy. The vet/dentist sounded a little skeptical about trying to do teeth on a broodmare with a suckling, but we talked her into it promising that Copy is a model citizen, and that my baby wrangling skills are excellent.

She opted to float Copy's teeth in the stall with me holding Ace for the half hour it was expected to take. The vet's helper coached me on the best way to pin him against the wall so he wasn't scampering all over the place. You grab the root of the tail from the underside, wrap your other arm around the neck, put your knee under their belly and lean against them.

He really wasn't too bad, thanks to his daily handling, but half an hour is a long time for a baby to stay out of trouble with two strangers (who are friends he has not yet met) in the stall doing interesting things. He launched himself a few times getting a few feet of air under all four feet (I know this because he was at my eye level, and I'm 5'9"). I scraped a knuckle. I'm pretty sure I felt a bruise somewhere on my right side, which I will find later. And I have a tight spot in the left side of my lower back.

They noted that Ace is a mischievious little boy, that he wasn't any too happy with me, and that he is guaranteed to be a handful as he grows up. We put Copy and Ace in the round pen for Copy to sober up. He was so frustrated that his mom wouldn't move (poor Copy) and I saw him rear up, grab her withers in his teeth, and start prying, trying to get a reaction out of her. When I left the barn, Copy was pretty alert, moving around, and starting to tell him to knock it off. What he really needed about then was a kick in the slats, but she is a very patient mommy.

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