Saturday, April 4, 2009

Creepers, Halters and Naughty Little Boys

Our little one is getting quite precocious! As you can see, he still won't stand still to have his halter adjusted any better, but at least he lets me put it on without a battle. He had his hind foot in it earlier during the photo session which is why it is eschew, and why he never wears it unattended.

I installed a creep feeder in the stall for him today. He noticed it right away, and his only comment was "Ooooooo it's Bloooooo!" and then he ran and hid as if an alien had perched on the wall. But, I'm sure he will have it emptied soon. Copy tried to stick her big snoz in it. She leaves most of her own grain, but naturally wants what she can't get at.

While I was grooming Copy in her stall, Ace came and tried to accost me. I caught him with one hand under his throat and held him in midair. He just hovered, threw his weight into my arm and said "You wanna make sumtin of it?" I had to laugh. There will come a time when he will be close to a thousand pounds, and doing some sort of mid-air stunt, and I will remember fondly the weeks when I was still able to pick him up and hold him.

He is very forward and friendly. So far, not nippy or anxious to strike, and he has not yet tried to kick out behind at a human, but I'm sure those days are coming. He is easy to catch and hold in the stall and in the arena. We took a spin on the lead rope in the arena, and he was a pro. I won't say I'm leading him yet, but he has learned to lead me. He doesn't pull, he just already knows where we are going.

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