Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Day Out in the BIG world

Saturday we took Momma and baybe out to the outdoor arena which doubles as a paddock.

He was so darned cute trotting along beside Mom, leading like a big boy. Mom held Copy so she would not get to running along with him, and perhaps crowd him into the fence. We let him run and investigate on his own. He was a little timid. He has been out in the 20x50 pipe corral, but this was a whole new world.

He is growing fast. His halter had to be let out one notch, and he is still ass-high, and buck kneed... even when he stands up straight!

I groomed Copy a little before we went out, but not meticulously, because I knew this would probably happen.
As he got a little braver, he started to run. And he ranandranandran...

Then we went for a walkabout. Copy got to pick some grass, and Ace got to practice leading. However, as Mom pointed out, he already leads better than her horse Hairy. It was a busy day by Baybe standards.

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